Ahhhh...Springtime...When a young man's fancy turns to....... and the rest of us turn to ......golf, baseball,boating, fishing......well, you get the picture .....

But as homeowners, we end up spending too many beautiful spring and summer weekends taking care of that dreaded 'Honey Do' list. A little time spent now in the last weekends of early spring giving our largest investment a little attention will pay big dividends not only in reduced home maintenance cost but in more free time to really enjoy our spring and summer weekends.

Winter weather can be very hard on your home and surroundings and being inside all winter, we don't notice the small problems before they become big ones.

Following is a checklist that covers your home from the top to the bottom, outside and inside. Most are simply visual checks that you can do in a walk around your property with a notepad. This is the same checklist I use for our business customers that have rental properties. Once things get listed, I put them in priority and under 2 categories, one is for outside work when we get those 65 degrees and sunny April days, one is for inside work when its 35 and spitting snow the next .

Doing a little home maintenance not only protects our investment, it allows us to enjoy our free time with family, friends and our favorite summer pastimes.


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